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Students are requested to study the information available on this Blog, the Higher Spiritualism Web Site for the Complimentary Lessons by Sri Sunkara and the Web Site www.aspiritspeaks.com for the E books, coloured Books,  the Poetry and input on Sunkara.

There are numerous, (1,300,000) Sites concerning the Ascended Masters and their history and relationship with mankind.

However non offer evidence for REAL live contact with the Masters. 

If you tire of the plethora of personal opinions and claimed communications from the Masters then here is the opportunity to Link your Mind with them and their works for the race.

Visit the U TUBES and meditate upon the beautiful timeless Lessons and Phenomena we recorded during Seances in the period 1960 to 1990 now released to the outer world. 

Follows an introductory EXTRACT from Sunkara's poem "SPIRITUAL REALITY"

Sri Sunkara is here to serve you.

"Common Sense does separate,
Fact from medieval fiction proved second rate,
Full of negative bias, burning hate.
Time to relocate religion and separate the State,
Until then, be no Freedom for the Race of Men.

Be no anthropomorphic god to ask a Favour,
Be no Devil, hence need no Saviour,
No Saviour to forgive behaviour,
Sole Soul Saviour is Right Behaviour!

In every beating human heart,
Spirit Spore seed planted knowledge from the start,
Blood remembers every part,
Of Right from Wrong, of what is Taboo,
All is known is not the Issue.
Fact insurmountable,
Inner Nature holds all and each accountable. 

Love is not all you Need,
Love plus intelligence and will to plant the seed,
In Spiritual Reality, Spirit You does know,

Each tested in the flesh, harvest as do sow.

Freedom from religion,
Assign it to oblivion.

File away religion’s bible,
Spirit proclaims your survival,
Understand Duality,
Live Life aware in Spiritual Reality.

Evolving Soul experiences all races, all faces,
Spirit returns, forgotten gender and traces.
Awake to Sanity,
Go forward to help humanity. 

Learn of multi layers of Spiritual Dimension,
Felt, known, yet to the Dense physical, an unseen extension.
For when your time to go,
This Truth you will surely know.

A Spiritual Being, incarnate evolving,
In form, on a speck, a pixel revolving,
In motion dissolving.

Delete money as the goal,
Focus on Duality,
Not passing Physicality,
Lasting Spirituality,
Remember what you are,
A Spiritual Being from Afar!

Answerable to your Soul,
A particle of the Whole.

Curiosity may have killed the Cat,
However knowledge brought it back.

Spiritual Truth, available and Self evident,
Together we make Life a Living Testament.

Spiritual Reality is the Logical Alternative,
Nature’s multifaceted Ultimate superlative.
Factual wonder,
Past human blunder.
Sri Sunkara


“Superlative” is the highest degree, ultimate expression.

 “Kirk” is a Church or Temple where a man made god is worshipped.

 “Anthropomorphic” is the history of man who creates a god in his own image gives the god of all, human 
  characteristics, then worships Self. 

 Man made gods belittle the enormity of the unknown, Desecrate Spiritual Truth.  

Spiritual Reality is the Duality of Spiritual Existence or'Beingnes' within Human Nature, an entity containing Personality imbued within a Physical form.  

 Sri is a Spiritual Teacher, Sankacharya is a family linage of Spiritual Philosophers.

Sunkara is a Spirit’s  name.

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