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A Google Search of Ascended Masters offers 1,240,000 choices, insert ASHTAR, there are over 820,000 choices; out of the 2 Million there is only one Web Site which offers EVIDENCE for the Supernormal as a source of the Teachings we study.

We offer physical evidence for the existence of the Real Ascended Masters, our elder Brothers & Sisters who have conquered death and return with Teachings to Guide Humanity through the coming disasters and beyond.  

If we thought as they do we would not be here!
The evidence is two fold, in nature as in life, it is tangible, physically recorded, Scientifically proven and Documented; Apportation, Ectoplasm Flow, Materializations in Flesh & Blood, Trumpet Levitation, Trumpet Voice Box and Apports from Trumpet,  materialized oils, fragrances and thousands of objects at a time, the evidence for the existence of a consciousness not that of the Human Mortal is in the Teachings we Study.
White Stones of Prophecy materialize from the tear ducts, through clenched teeth and more; however the real phenomena I repeat is in the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters.
At one Higher Spiritualism Séance we held in Johannesburg South Africa - six Ascended Masters materialized before hundreds of witnesses emotionally dazed, amazed, wept openly.
Sunkara's immediate Mission for the whole of Humanity is to release to the world and encourage the world of humanity to STUDY and IMPLEMENT the Teachings of the Masters, to which end we work ceaselessly. 
Some hundreds of Spiritual Lessons relevant for today, tomorrow and yesterday will be released as U TUBES in the time ahead. 
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Enjoy the Seance
Founder - Higher Spiritualism
                                   ASCENDED MASTER ASHTAR 
                 "Heed the Prophecies" 12 Min - 1971 - LIVE - DIRECT.

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