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Many BLOGS may be found prior to 2014 at the Ning Network Sites - ALCHEMY, ASHTAR and Extraterrestrials. 

Channel by Sri Sunkara - 2014


Woof to all Earthlings,

From the Astral-Etheric planes of life I wish you to know the following.

Woofing to you via Sri Sunkara who is the Animal Medium in training - I remain in my pictured Form as a pedigree, most superior Stud, Swiss German Shepherd evolved as the Higher of my current Canine species.

Several incarnations in the physical prior to the recent one again as a Dog I was a Black Mountain Panther in the Cat Family.

Understand if you will my lack of desire to incarnate in the human Chain – which is my short term destiny, not my desire.

Dog spelt in reverse is GOD.  Evil in reverse is LIVE.  Spirit is!

My Mate and I now in Spirit for we departed together, executed by a Human Vet for an ungodly cause, need not words to communicate with Master or selves, however I do understand over 200 English Words plus Filipino and Pidgin.

In the Consciousness of the Spirit I AM, manifest as a Dog it is within my nature to be Loyal, Trustworthy, Obedient, Watchful, Alert, Thoughtful, Intelligent, impeccable Memory, Brave, Discerning, Discriminating, Loving, Sensitive, Practical, Considerate.  Never ever Questioning and FAITHFUL and so the list of my positive characteristics continues.

My Wolf wild side somewhat tamed by my Breeding, Bloodline and Master is controlled, is domesticated, instinctively ready to emerge if needed for Defence.

If one of my Families of humans is threatened, then I will leap, take the spear, the bullet and without hesitation defend all and vigorously Rip & Tear if I must. 

In my humble dogness I observe the Consciousness and thought process of the Human animal, the Spirit Evolving therein developed at this point continues to desecrate itself before the Lord.  

The Law and the Higher Self are desecrated, rarely consecrated, Karma of consequences accumulates and compound for the Species that controls the Canine, has destroyed itself before and appears to be on the same scent again.

“IN HUMAN” Acts a part of your evening News are certainly firmly rooted within the ANIMAL nature of the human creature who has not balanced its own primeval violent nature. 

Rarely do we find my characteristics present in their actions.  Silly to continue to label your own actions as “IN HUMAN” such Denial!

Hence though subject to the Law of Karma; it will not be by choice when entering a human Incarnation trajectory of repetitive rebirth.

Humans have the power to materialize thoughts as things, as objects, yet not the power to confront the violence in their own Nature.

We forgive them for they know not what they are!

Woof to all
Bandit von Panther   



 Scarlet my Mate is pictured below with a Grandson of Sunkara.

Follow my Master to the Higher Ground.

ASCENDED MASTER ASHTAR - "We must heed the Prophecies" 12 Min - 1971 - LIVE – DIRECT AUDIO RECORDING - NO CHANNEL.

Google Search of Ascended Masters - 1,240,000 choices, insert ASHTAR over 820,000 choices; there is only one Web Site which offers EVIDENCE for the Supernormal.

We offer physical evidence for the existence of the Real Ascended Masters, our elder Brothers & Sisters who have conquered death and return. 

If we thought as they do we would not be here!

The evidence is two fold, in nature as in life, is tangible, physically recorded, Scientifically proven and Documented; Apportation, Ectoplasm Flow, Materializations in Flesh & Blood, Trumpet Levitation, Trumpet Voice Box and Apports from Trumpet, oils, thousands of objects at a time.

White Stones of Prophecy materialize from the tear ducts, through clenched teeth and more; however the real phenomena is in the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters which we Study.

At one Higher Spiritualism Séance we held in Johannesburg South Africa - six Ascended Masters materialized before hundreds of witnesses emotionally dazed, amazed, wept openly.

Sunkara's immediate Mission for the whole of Humanity is to release to the world and encourage the world of humanity to STUDY and IMPLEMENT the Teachings of the Masters, to which end we work ceaselessly.

Some hundreds of Spiritual Lessons relevant for today, tomorrow and yesterday will be released as UTUBES in the time ahead.

Subscribe to Sri Sunkara Sankacharya on UTUBE - find the time - this particular Lesson is 12 minutes, some last several hours.

Enjoy the Seance visit Sunkara and the Study Group of the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters.

Higher Spiritualism

                                        ASCENDED MASTER COUNT ST. GERMAIN –
                                             "KARMA YOGA" 6th Oct 1973 – 8 Mins

 Seance in 1973 - Audio recorded as Count partially materialized via Keith Milton Rhinehart continuing as the world's most Scientifically proven Adept Phenomena Medium -

Visit Spiritual Philosophy the logical sane ALTERNATIVE at
Email Sunkara at

Play over and over and absorb the vibration of the consciousness of the Count St. Germain - Enjoy the Seance. 


                                      # 2 . Master Emil - "The Soul" - Complete Lesson

APRIL 18 2014


My Easter Gift is to request you give your self the time to return to meditation upon the concepts of SOUL and SPIRIT as led by Ascended Master Emil in this beautiful Lesson given during a Seance under test conditions and materilaizations of Masters and Sacred Stones - the Master's teach the Vibration of the Seance Room is created in your home as you attune to the consciousness of a proven Ascended Being.
The Lesson is also in two parts for convenience sake.

Love & Light
Enjoy the Seance 

                 Sunkara's Easter Gift  - Master Emil - "The Soul" - complete Lesson

                                                           # 3  May 7 2014

                                          ASTRAL PROJECTION TO THE MOON, 
                                       OTHER PLANETS, & BEYOND THE STARS
                                                1973 52 Mins

Audio recorded on 15 July 1973 during phenomena by world's most scientifically tested proven ADEPT Medium.  Spiritual Lesson -  “Astral Projection to the Moon, other planets, and beyond the Stars" - through Trance instrumentality of Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart. 

Also available as two part U TUBE now posted.    

Please visit the Teaching Halls of Higher Spiritualism.

Welcome Subscribers and to be and all of like mind to the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters.  We claim the Audio Video Lessons held forty years or more, now released to the world, offer evidential proof of the existence of the Elders of the Race. 

We are all Immortal Souls.  Individual personalized Immortality may not be achieved via ASCENSION COURSES.  Ascension may be your ultimate Destiny following Nature's Laws whereby you have evolved formless in Spirit thence from Spirit into Matta and will no doubt again.  For those that do Ascend the ascension will be after the death of the Body and must be maintained.

Give the time and ASCEND the path guided by the consciousness of the Real Ascended Masters - as Kathy Bailey sang - "Come and Ascend with me my friend, Come and Ascend with me”

Love in Service
# 4 120514


20th April 1975.  Seance in Seattle, Washington through the world's most Scientifically proven Trance Adept Medium, Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart - Complete Audio Lesson 73 Mins.  Also divided into PART ONE - and PART TWO - both on U TUBE.  A time of Materializations via Ectoplasm, Apportation of the White Stones of Prophecy and various physical phenomena.  Thank you for your Visit to the International Study Group of the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters ...

“Death & Taxes are not Inevitable!
Must World War Three be inevitable?”

Sri Sunkara

                                                                    # 5  May 29 2014


An Alternative Philosophy - "Spiritual Philosophy" -

Join with those of LIKE MIND from around the world and please visit the Study Group of the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters  -

Congratulations - u found us - enjoy the Meditation.

Regardless of your Club, Tribe, Belief System (BS) or Memberships we ask your presence in support of GOD'S PLAN ON EARTH.  The Masters Plan!   

Count St. Germain about 28 mins into the Lesson says "I say to all who hear these words in PLACES of Teachings ALL OVER THE GLOBE" ... In another Lesson he states that when ever a new Study Group of the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters begins it is followed by an EXPLOSION of Spiritual Light. 

Each Subscriber is responsible for assisting the Masters' Plan and has the joyful consequential DARMA of "ANCHORING THE LIGHT"!  

Love to all.

Sri Sunkara  

Part Two follows.  Short on Technology - Long on Truth - We do our best to bring you the Real Ascended Masters Teachings through Keith Milton Rhinehart who remains the world's most Proven Physical Phenomena Adept Medium.  40 Min Audio Lesson, 44 years ago - enjoy the Count on Piano.  Live Seance.

28 Min, second half, Seance - 

Live Seance.

                                                                           June 2 2014


My Friends - it is 1963 - 51 years ago! 

Meditate to the vibration of Ascended Consciousness.  Since that Seance no Master, claimed Channel or human has stated TRUTH more evidentially than Count St. Germain.  Support the Master's Plan with your presence in the International Study Group of the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters at ...

The Medium - Keith Milton Rhinehart remains the most Scientifically PROVEN Trance Adept of all time!  Apportation - (Materializations) proof of Spirit over Matta - however the Important Phenomena is in the Spiritual Lessons from the Guides - the Real Ascended Masters - elders to the Race of Man!

Would you Worship TRUTH?

Would you KNOW TRUTH?

Enter into a Sacred Meditation with 
Count St. Germain - participate - hold hands around our Globe - in a ring of Spiritual Healing Light to a Planet in need.

Sri Sunkara 

                                        RESPONSE TO QUESTION - CLARE PROPHET

                                                         # 7 QUESTION ANSWERED

To:sunkara sankacharya

Dear Friend.
 I saw one of the many videos you have posted. It was a message from St. Germain through the medium Keith Milton Rhinehart. Sadly, I had never heard of this medium before. The channeled messaged sounded very real and authentic. I was very impressed and inspired.

I once belonged to an organization called Church Universal and Triumphant. It's leader was a woman named Elizabeth Clare Prophet. She too channeled the Ascended Masters. Have you heard of her? I left that organization after feeling disappointed that her messages for several years that a nuclear strike from the former Soviet Union was imminent never came to pass. Not that I would ever want such a catastrophe to manifest on this planet or anywhere in the universe, but the herculean efforts made by members of that church to prepare for such an event which never came to pass left many of us disillusioned as to the authenticity of her messengership.

Can you shed any insights or opinions about what I have just told you? Do you think she may have been an authentic messenger of the Ascended Masters? Or, was I misled by a false teaching and messenger? I still believe there must be a hierarchy of ascended beings who have graduated from the physical realm and exist in higher octaves of Light. That has made sense to me for most of my adult life. I still feel that it must be true if there is a God in the heavens.

Thank you for your time and attention.

God Bless,


Vincent and to whom ever finds these words ...

There is no God in the Heavens.  We are cells of a whole.  

"Anthropomorphism" - over time man has invented gods in Image of man and given human characteristics to the god then in fact worships self.

The I AM presence is your essence and is in all - substitute - Nature - Natural Law - Principles in Motion - overlapping multi layered inter-layered dimensions beyond comprehension.  The Worlds of Spirit - of the Astral and so on - SPIRITUAL REALITY is you are an IMMORTAL Soul, your temporal personal Spiritual Self continues FOR A TIME IN in awareness after death - read the POETRY! 

Go to basics.  Study the Teachings of the Elders of the Race - our Guides - those who have overcome Death.

YES there is an Hierarchy of Ascended Beings...Examine the Teachings - keep the critical faculties open, be diligent in unemotional research into FAITH BASED UPON FACT not superstition.  The phenomena you have tuned to  - it is in the consciousness of the Masters and their Teachings.

Clare Prophet when I knew her in the turbulent hot bed of Religions and Gurus in California of the 1960s - 1970s -  in disguise would sneak into the Seances of Master Class at the Aquarian Foundation Meetings.  Masters would see through her and she insisted on doing the exact opposite to their directions - Ego plus Delusion.  She attended Seances and obtained Lessons, from these she built her alter.  She was/is a nut case.

The Nuclear Threat is still hanging over our heads - hear Raphael on World War 3, Clare deliberately selected the FEAR button in her emotion driven arsenal as she brain tuned her subjects. 

I visited the Campus, boys and girls were not allowed to hold hands, she had a child out of wedlock, married a wealthy man who backed her fantasy, she declared him a Master, they avoided her, we all worshipped at the Prophet's Trough!

So it all crumbled, no Truth -- HAIL HAIL ST GERMAIN:  that Saluting repetitive chant was in itself in opposition to the Teaching - "Have no other gods before me" (Meaning Truth).   Today she would join the Gurus and High Priestesses of the Technical Age Religion of the Internet where they cover Truth by a flotsam of Delusions from co called channellers.  None whom can provide EVIDENCE!  And certainly not in the messages.

A sad day when the Clares take the helm for they steer all away from the Truth.

Keith Milton Rhinehart established the Aquarian Foundation  - you can read the Testimony to him on the Web sites.. on tour in & out of Seattle - ectoplasm flowing, Masters materializing, phenomena upon phenomena  - audio and video recordings  - VISIT: and .  He continues to be the most Scientifically proven phenomena adept of our times.

Would be wonderful to hear from you my Brother at the Study Group.

In appreciation

                                                    # 8  SUICIDE DENIED 29 06 14


One year recent,
7 thousand Australian Families died,
Crucified upon Religion & State’s heinous Lies.
Unable to bear System’s Pain,
7000 thousand Australians did SUICIDE!
In a word Indecent!

Suffer in another Zone,
Weeping for a distant Earthly home;
None are deaf to wailing Cries,
PRETEND TO BELIEVE the System’s Lies.

Straight Talk,
No long fancy word,
Hear it Read,
Simple said,
Hell’s not absurd!

Hold on,
Be strong.

Focus – Listen –
Truth’s Truth Mission.

Breathe In – Hold - Breathe Out,
Close the eye -
Simple said - You will not die.
Hear Truth’s shout,
Delete the Doubt!

Kill the pain,
While you have a Brain.
No wish to remain?
I understand – feel the same – feel your pain!

Don’t be a Mug,
And pull the Plug,
Exit down Karma’s drain,
Set the stage to return again!
Sad when Truth you know,
Unable to block the undertow.

After Death you do remain,
Wake in Deathless shock,
This Truth no longer Mock!
All you have been taught,
After death means Naught!

Religion & State closed Truth’s Gate,
Dictate all you learnt of late.
Control what you think and what you think you know,
Despite inside you know it “Just ain’t so!”
Aeons of Rebirth programmed you so.
Deep in your Heart,
You do know you survive accountable past Death,
Hard from a Lie to part! 

Suicide?  Suicide now Denied!
Hear me – then Decide.
If I’m right and not a Fool,
What would you be if you broke an Impartial Rule?

Still alive!
Just a body dead,
Maggots, Worms in the Head.
You Survived.

All lied and lied and lied,
Regardless how you tried.
Hell -  - is your still alive!
A body lost to Dust.

At last a voice to TRUST,
Ignore – you be stuck within the Crust,
Fulfilling TIME a Karmic Must.

There be no dead,
Awake to Spirit Breath.
There is no DEATH,
Mankind’s time to awake,
Reality is - your life’s at stake.

Stick your Finger in the Fire,
No matter your desire,
It will Burn.
Searing pain quickly Learn,
Nature’s Law in Principle applies to all,
Rare exception if you Fall.

Mortals live a Life, return to Earth,
Spirit World thence another Birth.
Another place or on this Earth,
We all be Cells of the Whole,
Individual evolving Spirits of the Monad/Over Soul.

Suicide?  No Judge to greet you, no outstretched Hand,
Lost without a Body in Toxic Land!

There be the exception to every rule.
Euthanasia for the passing old, a tool,
Be no exception to the “Golden Rule”.
Suicide against the Rule.
Unless circumstance exceptional Rare.

Do it!
Guarantee you’ll be in a Nightmare of Despair,
You can not do it! 
You can’t Kill Life,
Not even with the Surgeon’s Knife -
No slicing blade can end your strife.

It is the PAIN you must release,
Hear Truth now, not once Deceased.
You will live on under Nature’s Law,
Principles all come before!

You will live out the ALOTTED TIME,
Heed the FACT of this Rhyme.

Imagine awake in another state,
Terror upon Terror to contemplate,
My Friend it is then too late.

Christian Hells from another Time,
Provide Images by comparison, Gentle - kind
Horror beyond descriptive Art you’ll find.
Another World, nameless you, FEAR the mind,
Lower Astral’s tormenting pain,  
None enjoy this putrid Slime.

Imagine “Earthbound Entities”,
Tearing at your Niceties, above the Knees,
Psychic Vampires on Pain do Feed,
Demons unimaginable await with Greed,
Right now reach out to Seed,
Sense your Hurt in the Air.

Vulnerable Spirit’s in Despair.

It is your Misery,
Your own misdeed,
From this Life or past you see.
Gluttons wait upon your thought,
To become a thing, the final Act.

Away – command them – don’t look back!

Attract them not,
Back to Hell the stinking Lot;
Your one and only true escape,
Release that pain before too late,
Find a way.
You must stay, Delay!

Forget Cruel Systems SET MENTALITY,
Ignorant of your Spiritual Reality,
No fickle Faith plus superstition,
Straight Talk is the Mission.

Do you think I lie?
Ok!  Good By,
I be Free from Religion’s curse,
Straight talk in Verse,

Avoid the Hearse.
Now you know,
What they know not,
Therefore stop the shot!

On my Life do Guarantee,
Stay with me – soon you’ll see,
Study knowledge new be my earnest plea,
Learn the implications,
Applicable to all the nations.

Then if you wish – be Yee Free,

Read between the Line,
Hard Evidence to flush FEAR out,
Blow away those who doubt,
You - the Master of your TIME.

If you dwell upon Suicide,
No shame, naught to hide,
Understand the consequence,
Suppose I speak but Cosmic Sense.

All humans are Immortal Souls,
Temporary Personality may bring the Ghouls,
Yes you can self destruct – no problem – it is so easy – 
No problem?
Problem is - it is IMPOSSIBLE.

Simple said,
Absorb fact in your head,
End your Life here premature to that earned,
Live out the balance of Time allotment spurned,
In lower dimensions of the overlapping Astral plane.
Not a world of Spirit,
Later, you proceed to when you “done the time”.

 Kill the body?
Awake in Terror’s domain,
Still in the same pain but a million times worse,
No body to relieve the curse,
Half way to another Level,
Tied down!
Bound to face your self made Devil.

Take not Life,
Be no further strife.
Waken after body’s death in the Spirit Land,
Greetings from an outstretched loving hand,
Moving to the Light,
Guides and Loved ones to hold you tight,
No more FEAR all day all night.

Truth – the hardest nut to crack,
For we victims of the Rack.
Memory in the Cells running in your blood,
Memory knows, you know.

You knew it before the Flood,
When we floundered in the mud.

Was only 300 years ago,
They said the world was flat.
Just 500 years ago Cortes stole Aztec’s Gold,
Rome’s Base to build Corruption’s stench of old.
We are not amused!
How many have they abused?

A Race lost in Denial
Of the basic FACT of personal SURVIVAL!
No Proof cries Ruth,
Running for the Door.

Ten thousand years and more,
No lasting Truth, In Truth they kept us poor,
Denied the Evidence,
For your very own self defence.

To the one who be the SCEPTIC,
I say – today –
I AM the original HERETIC!
By an unorthodox opinion.

Our mutual future is to survive,
For a time in a another world,
One of our making as was this.

Life does continue,
Informed there is no issue.
Do not pretend,
No purpose – only end.
Based upon each Immortal Soul’s Lives to date,
Determine for each the future state,
A precious Gift this time on Earth to Balance the plate,
Erase the terrors from an earlier date.

Son Mark was barely three,
When the child said to me,
About the second son;
“Before Matthew was year one,
A Spirit waiting for Mummy to make a body”

Son Matthew when seven said,
“Many Churches in a Rowe,
Teaching of a single God they know,
If this be so,
Why not all in one?”

He is his Mother’s son!

All teach a belief,
Of a life after Death!
Why do they not teach us of it?
Why do we not Learn of it?
From pre - school on we prepare,
After school left in Despair!

Time be short or long is not yours to determine
No beginning or end to Truth’s Truth Sermon!

Sri Sunkara

© 2014 Higher Spiritualism

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Sri Sunkara Sankacharya

                                   #9  MESSAGE FROM SPACE BEINGS - 29 06 14

ASCENDED MASTER ASHTAR - "Message from Space Beings" Audio Complete 75 Mins 1962

 "The old Witch of Superstition - RELIGION - has deterred mankind from achieving great goals"

Step into deep space with me, from the view point of a million pairs of eyes reflecting an ascended consciousness WAY above your mortal term, view the Planet Earth with sadness and trepidation.


Timeless Classic for today - a Message for mankind! Audio Lesson recorded during physical phenomena Seance - extract "Spiritual Lesson" - 52 years ago. 

Keith Milton Rhinehart remains the most Scientifically tested & proven Trance Adept Medium of the age.

You may need to adjust volume.

Available on U TUBE as PART ONE 43 Mins & PART TWO 32 Mins.

Visit the Web site -
Enjoy the Poetry at
May Peace prevail in the heart of man! -
Love from Sunkara. 


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