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ASCENDED MASTER Comte de St  Germain

Piano & Apportation Seance. Sri Sunkara

World wide international Study Group of the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters audio & video from 1960 - 1990s - Seances include Materializations, Apportation, Trumpet and much phenomenon in the Spiritual Lessons to the Race.

Visit Sunkara's 47 UTUBES  - - Sorry U TUBE has cancelled the Account!

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Due to a threat by Aquarian Foundation of Seattle to litigate - all U Tubes were cancelled - now available on Vimeo -even though the Medium Keith Milton Rhinehart gave Sunkara permission to promote the Truth and Teachings of the Masters on the Internet in the 80's - long before the current Board.   

Request may be made to view Vimeo replacements of the 40 plus cancelled UTUBES

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